One of the earliest members of Inquisitor Frost’s new acolyte cell.

Was recruited on Scintilla by Interrogator Sand and became one of agents under his supervision.

Eventually became one of Sand’s primary acolytes after his ascension to full Inquisitor.

In one of the alternate realities presented by Erasmus Haarlock’s time travelling device: The Blind Tesseract, it was revealed that Aramis would replace Inquisitor Frost upon his potential death.

The alternate Aramis had taken to wearing Frost’s power armour, making The Acolytes believe that he was in fact Frost himself.

This alternate future Aramis believed that The Acolytes were heretics for allowing the return of Erasmus Haarlock, who then instigated a war with the Imperium, bring to bear all of the strange and powerful devices he had accumulated over his travels; some of which could even destroy stars.


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