Once a trusted advisor and diviner for Inquisitor Frost, Agent Aristarchus fell victim to dark forces and was possessed and slain.

Early in the career of The Acolytes, he was assigned to be their supervisor during the sanctification of the nearly completed cathedral of Stern Hope on the planet of Iocanthos.

As part of his remit, he acted as a seer and reader of the Emperor’s Tarot for Inquisitor Frost and as such; kept with him a psychically attuned tarot deck which had been recently gifted to him, apparently from the Inquisitor himself.

What he was not to know was that his deck had been tampered with by a group known as the Serrated Query with the insertion of hitherto unknown technology.

This tampering caused his abilities of divination to lead him astray and eventually his dilusions led him to believe that he was to become the vessel for the reincarnation of Saint Drusus.

The truth was that he was being influenced by a powerful daemonic entity known as the Crow Father.

Unfortunately the heresy spread to others; aiding by his psychic powers of persuasion he was able to convince members of the cathedral mission that this was true and that the site of Stern Hope would become the point of Drusus return.

The Acolytes, pre-warned by the feral natives: the Ashleen, who themselves had dealings with the Crow Father in the past led an assault on the cathedral and were forced to slay many of the cathedral clergymen.

While in the midst of the final battle with the Crow Father itself, Aristarchus was brought round by an impassioned plea from The Acolytes (particularly Sister Syn) and gave his life to end the creature’s link to the materium.

Inquisitor Frost arrived on the scene and was forced to cleanse the cathedral of any remaining warp taint and the site was written off as failure, leaving the cathedral to ruin.

Some of Aristarchus’ Tarot Cards were recovered and their origin became the basis of further investigation.


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