Azkellion Von Skremingrad


Rank: Assault Sergeant of the Flesh-Tearers 2nd company

Age: 112

Build: Well defined, athletic.

Height: 8’03” (tall even for a space marine)

Hair colour and style: Dark brown hair tied back into lose fitting dreadlocks

Eye colour: Shining gold and Vibrant green Respectively

Clothing/Armour Style: an old and battered suit of ‘corvus’ power armour that has clearly been in more fights than bears thinking about. The evidence of well-made minor repairs and dents and scrapes give the armour a menacing feel. Painted in accordance to Deathwatch standards, though it carries many trappings from the flesh Tearers chapter or their blood angel brethren.

Piercings/Tattoos/markings (if any): One long service stud for 100 years of service above his eyebrow.


Personality: Azkellion like many of his Flesh-Tearers brethren is a brutal and efficient man quick to anger. He can come across as barbaric and bloodthirsty, with no qualms of bringing extreme violence to bear at any given moment, However there is a lighter side. When not shoving his fist into the face of the nearest enemy He is a likeable and happy sort capable of spinning great yarns, drinking like a fish out of water and cracking jokes (most of which are either in bad taste or simply bad). First and foremost he is loyal to the emperor and his chapter, everything else is irrelevant and easily discarded if it furthers his mission.

Likes: Wild Boar, Beer and ‘fuzzy’

Dislikes: watermelon, rodents, clowns.

History: Azkellion started to make his mark on the chapter as a young novitiate, during his first engagement he and his scout squad where assaulted by a Nob boss and his retinue, but Azkellion’s quick and savage attacks dispatched him and sent the retinue fleeing for their lives. This was just the start, as he progressed through his training to become a full-fledged Battle brother, Azkellion constantly found himself engaging with the elite of the enemies forces and he loved it. Eventually he was initiated into the rank of battle-brother and quickly found himself specializing as an assault marine where he could get up close and personal with the enemy and bring a swift and gory death. As he grew into the role and was promoted to Sgt he became increasingly concerned by the ratio of battle brothers falling victim to the black rage and red thirst, eventually, after watching more and more brothers succumb to the rage he couldn’t take I any longer and requested that he be transferred into Death Watch, with a personal mission of possibly finding a cure or at least something to slow it down. The Chapter Master agreed that this was a good idea and gifted him with a specially inscribed chainsword named after the punchline of one of his really bad jokes, fuzzy, and then cast him from the chapter until such a time as he had something to show for his work.

Azkellion Von Skremingrad

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