Erasmus Haarlock


The Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock was the last and most notorious holder of the Haarlock Warrant and was the captain of the vessel: Spear of Destiny, both of which have been major antagonists for The Acolytes and The Melua Dynasty.

The story of Erasmus begins around a century before the current date. He was not to be the inheritor of the Haarlock Warrant and had no achievements of particular note nor was he possessed of any great ambition, yet the politics of succession thrust him into conflict with his kin and he was fated to became the worst, yet greatest holder of the warrant since its writing.

With the tragic death of his wife and daughter at the hands of his corrupted cousin: Mathias Haarlock, his personality shifted from amiable and laid back to become ruthless and without morals or scruples.

Within three years he had hunted down every other member of his family line, no matter how distantly related, and laid claim to the warrant as sole inheritor in M41.703, after which he dissappeared without a trace.

QUADDIS – Widower
Almost a century later, the name Haarlock again became whispered on the planet of Quaddis, where The Acolytes had coincidently been kidnapped and delivered to the planet by a group known as The Beast House to take part in the bloody events of a local “holiday”.

While not directly related to Erasmus Haarlock himself, events were set in motion by group of Chaos Cultists known as Pilgrims of Hayte to obtain the powers of a creature known as The Widower, which had been sealed away on the planet by Erasmus in the past. However, the creature itself had its own motives and began a murderous spree, targeting specific members of visiting nobility while simultaneously engineering a cataclysmic event involving the Tyrant Star

It was only with the cryptic assistance of a second entity known as The Spider Bride as well assistance from a visiting noblewoman: Lady Du’Landra Meluawhich allowed The Acolytes to succeed in destroying the Widower and preventing the destruction of the planet, while simultaneously thwarting the Pilgrims of Hayte.

SOLOMON – Gilded Widow
Not long after this, sufficient time had passed for the legal presumption of Erasmus’ death. Therefore the intestate assets of the Haarlock estate were placed up for auction at an event held in the House of Dust and Ash on the planet of Solomon.

This auction proceeded to become a bloodbath as the location was a heavily trapped labyrinth designed to slay all those who entered, and many of the guests also had murderous intentions of their own, including the mysterious and horrific Slaugth, who were masquerading as human guests.

The labyrinth was only unsealed by utilising one of the centrepiece artefacts known as The Gilded Widow which activated upon receipt of the blood of a Haarlock family member, which it fatefully transpired could have been Lady Du’Landra Melua herself (who was present at the auction) or one of The Acolytes: Christos. Both whom were distant and obscure relatives of the Haarlock family.

At this point it was presumed that Erasmus Haarlock was going to return and had used the auction as a ruse to eliminate any potential rivals or other threatening parties prior to his arrival.

SINOPHIA – The Mirror

MARA – The Blind Tesseract

DUSK – The Gate


Erasmus Haarlock

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