Maercea Endouellicus


Chapter, and specialisation: Blood Drinkers, apothecary
Age: Indiscernible
Build: Well built
Height: Around seven, and sixth, feet
Hair colour, and style: Between Ochre and umber and though short, slightly textured
Clothing, armour style: Mark 7 ‘Aquila’ power armour (New beginning, lead from the front)
Distinguishable features: None noticeable


Foundational to the brother’s outlook is his understanding of the mutation which has come to make itself known in the records of the chapter’s keep as the flaw, and in the hearts and minds of its brothers as the black rage. A defect which lays dormant within each and every gene seed of the Blood Angels and their successor chapters, susceptible to animation at almost any moment, rendering the host unable to continue as functioning members of the chapter, so overwhelmed are they by the tormented genetic memory and paralysing emotional agony of their revered primarch’s final few moments. The more death and destruction to which each brother is exposed and the more immersed they may find themselves in the melee of combat, the greater the chance of succumbing, forever more, to the sleeping beast, within.

However, far from exclusive to the genetic lineage of the primogenitor chapter and its subsequent successors, he interprets the flaw as representative of the imperfections inherent within not just they, but within all of humanity, in the conclusion that only through acknowledging and accepting them will each acquiesce with its true nature and be able to move forward.

Yet, rather than attempt to control this flaw or submit themselves fully to it as their contemporary chapters may have, his chapter has instead learned to embrace it in as equal part ally as potential anathema, and in so doing have achieved a discernible, if cautious, stability. An of-sorts truce between two otherwise irreconcilable halves which allows them to indulge in the passion of expression and unparalleled martial prowess afforded by their genetic lineage while retaining the clarity of mind and purity of purpose to ensure that their efforts remain focused upon the protection and advancement of the chapter, the blood-line, the imperium, their primarch, and their emperor, as their heritage dictates.

Strengthening this belief is that his chapter, in contrast, retains only a comparatively negligible retention of death company marines – the name given to the those brothers so consumed by the rage that they are assigned the eventual task of expending their lives in battle. Itself, as much a symptom of relief if not significant sign of how well his chapter have learned to manage the whims of the flaw in conjunction with their own wants.

Indeed, it is through expanding his medical knowledge of what conditions both genetic and environmental may give rise to such deficiency that he hopes to further understand the potential causes of the flaw, and with a reserved optimism, that for the search to continue through the stars themselves and in the company of life forms both alien and unknown, might allow chance for science to shed light upon and offer sense toward a subject so shrouded in mysticism and indentured to the lore of legend.

Personality traits

With the traditions of the Blood Angels and their successor chapters as entwined with the decorum and conduct of the noble as the training and ruthlessness of the warrior, has been instilled with the expectation of a standard of interaction to be adhered to and although approving of the same within others, insists it of himself.

Although more than accepting of the sometimes necessarily spartan conditions utilised during active deployment, appreciates the experience of finery, whether in cuisine, craftsmanship or quarters, considering the abstention from such artistry, even when presented with the choice, as stubbornly sullen and redundantly penitent.

When tactically prudent, prefers to engage the opponent in the confines of close-quarters combat with blade or sword, providing opportunity to excel on terms with which he feels most comfortable.

Maercea Endouellicus

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