Magnus T Wolfe


Occupation: Arbiter
Rank: Proctor
Age: 25-35 years terran
Eyes: Deep Green
Hair/style: Mousy brown hair beginning to grey cropped short and tidy
Facial Hair: constant “9o’clock” shadow with a well-trimmed goatee
Defining features: Bullet scar running from left eyebrow to just above the temple. Left leg is cybernetic up to mid-thigh.


Character: Proctor M.T Wolfe is deep down a friendly and decent man, but that’s rather deep down indeed. Wolfe is notorious for his bulldog like tenacity and his willingness to do almost anything to get his man. Though he would never break the law directly, he is more than open to bending it to its limits. Often outright ignoring local laws, having dealings with minor thugs and gangs, or just being very heavy handed with his interpretation of the Lex Imperialis itself. Nevertheless his loyalty to the law, the Arbites and Inquisitor Frost are completely unshakable. After a recent encounter with a daemon, he has developed night-terrors of an extreme nature and this has had a negative effect on his psyche and physical performance, slowing him down and leaving him nigh constantly fatigued. Even through all of this Wolfe still has his sarcastic, if somewhat poor, sense of humour and a love of fine cigars (a type of Iho stick native to [Data Lost]) and a good whisky (an Alcoholic beverage native to [Data Lost]).

History: The Wolfe family was a rich and illustrious noble family belonging to [Data Lost] that was known for its ties with both the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Navy. Magnus was born the ninth son of the last generation of the Wolfe family, and it was decided he would move into local law enforcement Precisely when the family started to corrupt is unsure but by the year [Data lost] rumour of their corruption had reached the Ordos, an official investigation was declared by the Inquisition and they sent Inquisitor Frost, a relatively young Inquisitor at this point, to handle procedures. After many hours of investigation without any solid leads, Frost approached a young Magnus Wolfe, An officer with the local law enforcement, even at his young age Wolfe was known for his tenacity, his abilities as a detective and his loyalty. Frost saw in this man a strong sense of justice, a quick mind and a deep and abiding love for Him on Earth. Frost gave Wolfe the chance to help him with his investigation, and either prove his family innocent or at least save them some grace and his own soul from damnation. Wolfe jumped at the idea of proving his family innocent, but little did he know his own father and some of his brothers where conducting cultist action within the city of [Data Lost] in the name of the Dark Gods, and that his family had, at least in part, been involved for generations. It was Magnus himself who unearthed this dark family secret and he was left with a choice, his loyalty to the emperor and the law or loyalty to his family. In the end a thoroughly shaken and distraught Magnus brought his evidence directly to frost, knowing full well what it meant for him and his family. He threw himself at the mercy of Frost and begged for forgiveness for the sins of his family, genuinely broken by his their betrayal of all he believed in and worked to protect. Frost gave an unusual amount of mercy to Magnus and gave him a choice penance through death or service. Never one to back down and let evil thrive Wolfe chose service, He personally led the strike teams in to secure his family and executed his father for his crimes under the watchful gaze of Frost. Frost decreed that his entire family line was to be executed as heretics and that Magnus alone had proven himself innocent in the eyes of the God-Emperor, and thus was spared. Although spared Magnus had sworn himself to service of the Imperium and under Frosts strict instruction joined the Adeptus Arbites and continued to serve Frost when he could. Under the strict training of the Arbites, and the guiding hand of Frost, the young Magnus became a man of dogged loyalty and adamantine determination. He joined the Divisio Immoralis, under instructions from Frost to investigate it from the inside. Having found nothing overtly damning within the Divisio, Magnus stayed with Divisio promising that should something arise Frost would be the first to know.

Magnus T Wolfe

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