Marcus Saefkheth


Career, and specialisation: Adept, (legate investigator)
Age: Early twenties
Build: Leaning toward athletic
Height: Around six, and two, feet
Hair colour, and style: Lightly textured shades of deepest sienna
Clothing, armour style: Dressed in the most recent fashions of the aristocracy of Malfi, whether in the gilded yellows and sombre browns of his house, or the rich reds and stark blacks of Malfi itself. In preparation of assignments and expectation of engagement, also equipped with shadowed black armour.


Existence upon Malfi begins with a life-long commitment to a dangerous game of insight and intrigue with deadly consequences for the first to find themselves outmaneuvered and out played by any number of countless other participants. Each political directive pushed forward with the weight of a gelt laden purse and each corporate investment encouraged by the tip of an assassin’s blade; each word said aloud heralding the beginnings of a brand new venture and each inaudible whisper responsible for its just as swift demise.

Though such a cycle of conflict and convoluted competition is by no means unknown of the great houses of the Imperium, what sets the stage of this world aside from all others is not only the scale and ease with which blood is spilt in due discourse, but the unrelenting tirelessness with which it perpetuates. The pursuit of personal and familial prominence and violent vendettas able to linger through generations are thought of almost as traditions of the planet, ingrained such as it is in the culture of the populace, from the loftiest governor to lowliest grounds-keeper, with accounts of yet to be resolved rivalry reaching as far back as the settling of the sector (Calixis).

Similarly ingrained in the records of the planet’s history is the house of Saefkheth, and though it enjoys its deserved domain within the highest echelons of the planet’s aristocracy through its support and involvement with the system’s Ecclesiarchical presence, its ascent to political prominence can be traced through time to the Angevin Crusade; then departing from the Segmentum Solar in the hopes of establishing sustainable trade and contact with the few remaining colonies in the Calyx expanse.

With a small, standing, armed force on which to call and substantial number of holdings throughout the sector with subsequently near millennial well of wealth from which to draw, the house is comparatively less concerned with the practical requirements of securing its position. Its priorities are much removed from the measure of military might or monetary worth of mercantile, and is known instead to place the highest value upon the commodity of knowledge itself.

It is from this lineage that Marcus is descendant and it is the blood of Saefkheth he has to thank for his innate, almost instinctual desire to discover and to learn. The earliest memories which answer the call of nostalgia comprising of impossibly intricate frescos adorning smoothly stained glass, delicately designed arches giving way to the infinite catacombs of the cities cathedrals; of the stagnant musk of ancient texts and tomes of literature and scratch of the quill upon fresh parchment, illuminated by the instruction of his tutors and made visible by soft strands of light through the windows of the study. Slower to respond and more grudging in their arrival to the fore of his thoughts from the depths of subconscious are machinations of extending the borders of the Imperium further still, and ensuring authority over that which it already claims as its dominion.

Personality traits

Considers the status of lineage and nomenclature of nobility, extensions to be wielded only when absolutely necessary and in the most subdued of manners. However, in so doing, wields each as effortlessly and with as much poise and precision as a fencer might his blade in the confines of combat, whether in the suggestion of appropriate associate able to render those present more receptive, or subtlest reminder of descendance, should it be called to question.

Through study within the colleges of Hetaireia Lexis, it became increasingly apparent that while knowledge of still uncharted phenomena and unfathomable threats may be responsibly withheld from general populations, investigation in to and understanding of them is not only favourable but integral to ensuring the safety of the Imperium’s inhabitants and securing its place in the galaxy.

Raised in an environment of shared jurisdiction, overlap of priority and political positioning between not only peer houses, but imperial institutions, served to both reinforce and refine the perspective that such competition may not be as exclusive to Malfian society as has been suggested.

While naturally apt in the navigation of intrigue and thoroughly able in deciphering the flow of related information; strives, consistently, to transcend the inherent servitude of such traditions – even if the most invisible extension of compassion and consideration is to be conducted, when under external gaze, in the guise of an abstract gesture of power or with the reported promise of future repayment.

Marcus Saefkheth

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