Chapter, and specialisation: Dark Angels Tactical Marine & Deathwatch Kill-Marine
Age: 82 years of active service
Build: Light-Athletic Astartes
Height: 6’4"
Hair colour, and style: Dark brown (with blond streaks due to genetic influence) worn long, tied back.
Clothing, armour style: Astartes Mark 6 “Corvus” Power Armour, Mk4 gauntlet relics incorporated into the suit. Also helmet design deviates by following traditional Legion I configuraton.
Distinguishable features: Chapter Iconography deviates by incorporating Dark Angels 2nd Company markings rather than Chapter symbols.


Raziel is a paradoxical Astartes; whatever his position might have been within the Circles of the 1st Legion, Brother Raziel is unlikely to ever return to his home chapter.

Initiated at the relatively old age of 16 from a world he can barely remember. His age is a contributing factor to his (relatively speaking) shorter stature as an Astartes as his body had already begun the maturation process before gene-seed implantation. However this proved irrelevant as his final development was still well within the acceptable success range for most Astartes chapters. Still, during training he found he had to rely upon his mental faculties more often in situations where the other recruit would use brawn or force.Despite being at odds with his Scout Sergeant during much of his training, he was singled out for using his initiative, presenting unique tactical solutions and being able to predict how an enemy force could react psychologically; making him a superb guerrila warrior.

As former member of the Dark Angels Ravenwing a unique and highly specialised organisation dedicated to the pursuit and capture of renegade Astartes Raziel is keenly aware of how the path to darkness begins and ends. His unusually intuitive grasp of psychology and tactics might have marked him for a later career as a Scout Sergeant or even an Interrogator-Chaplain had he remained with the Chapter, but that would have required graduation through the hallowed Deathwing, whose members are granted access to rare secrets and relics beyond that of many other chapters.However, those secrets would be denied as he was unable to prove that he could maintain the trust of his superiors.His approach to battle made him an ideal candidate for the ordos xenos when the time for oath-taking came to pass.

Due to his ability to relate to others, Raziel’s chapter-career was derailed by his successes within the Deathwatch. An organisation with links to the Inquisition comprised of cooperative Astartes chapters. Such an organisation requires Astartes to perform in functions that they would typically not be expected to in their parent chapter. Raziel’s unique gifts and temperaments made him ideally suited to the role of kill-marine; who is an agent of the Deathwatch who acts as a diplomatic liason, messenger and assassin all in one. The Ravenwing in itself performs a function similar to that of the Inquisition, thus the skills that he honed during training would become invaluable to an independently operating Astartes with duties that require regular contact with other Imperial agencies and his smaller stature in theory makes him less imposing to typical mortals.

The additional training and responsibilities bestowed by the Deathwatch virtually preclude Raziel’s return to the chapter, but it does not mean that the chapter has abandoned him. He is still in regular contact with members of the inner circle and his unique position affords him a remarkable opportunity to observe a multitude of other Imperial personnel in situations that a typical Astartes could never expect to find himself. However a man can never serve two masters…


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