Walker Bryn


Sex: Male
Age: 24
Weight: 170lb
Height: 5’11’’
Hair colour and style: Clean shaved (Dirty Blond)
Eye colour: Blue

Clothing/Armour Style: An elegant black storm-coat with red trims worn over dark green Armour-plated fatigues.

Piercings/Tatoos/markings (if any): None


Personality: Walker is a quick-witted, friendly and always on the look out to make a quick buck. He is a known womanizer and is constantly flirting. Although he appears to be straight forward and simply after the cash, he has strict moral codes of his own and will fight for what he believes to be right no matter what. He has an endless curiosity that constantly finds himself on the wrong side of the mechanicum as he seeks to know how things work gets him into trouble, he is always taking things apart and putting them together again just to see what makes them tick.

Habits: Deconstructing/reconstructing/improving tech, flirting, making bad jokes (when nervous)

Likes: Women, flying, secret knowledge

Dislikes: Adeptus Mechanicum (as an organization)

Ethical Beliefs: His beliefs tend to wander towards the Pre-heresy ‘light of the imperium’ rather than the current ‘God-emperor’ creed. He personally believes that the Emperor was a God-Like human but never more than that, though he still respects and reveres him for it, just not out and out worship. He also views the teachings of the mechanicum to be fundamentally flawed, that machines should be understood not just produced. That knowing why something works, is just as important as knowing how.

History: Walker was born, on the forge-world of Het in the Calixis sector,as a no hope reprobate. He grew up amongst gangs and crooks quickly growing accustomed to the flows and ebbs of the criminal underworld. At a young age walker found himself in the service of one of the largest street gangs on Het and his skills as a pickpocket and his smooth charm saw him well looked after. As he grew into his early teens his get-rich-quick schemes and womanizing ways became almost as well-known as the subtlety of his hands or the ability to walk away untouched from any trouble. Soon the Gang began to view Walker as a good luck token, after all the gang was going from strength to strength and had almost dominated the under-hive when it happened. Walker had an insatiable curiosity for why things worked and one day he found a discarded piece of tech as was so common in the under-hive, while up in the Hive-central, and decided to start taking it apart. Finding that it was just a redundant back up system for something bigger he threw it away roughly. Unfortunately a tech-priest was looking for said piece of tech, believing it to be a vital component, and as he threw it away the tech priest seized him by the neck and carried him away for trial. Walkers luck struck again however, the priest did not see him tamper with the piece, only that he had thrown it away so roughly and the tech-priests in question were still mostly human and therefore capable of compassion. Still mistreating the tech was a punishable offence but in light of him being still young, only 14, they decided to be lenient and only took his arm for the offence. Still yet again Walkers curiosity got him into trouble five years later when he snuck aboard a rogue trader’s gunship to have a look around and see what a ship looked like. He was caught quite swiftly by two well-dressed gentlemen, who turned out to be the Rouge trader’s right hand man and seneschal. After beating him for sneaking on board and giving him a thorough going over for any information, walker was allowed to fall into a deep unconsciousness. When he awoke he found himself in the crew quarters of the ‘indomitable will’ a light cruiser from the rouge Traders fleet and that he had been press-ganged as a rating. After a few months his skill with tech got noticed by some superiors and he was transferred into the armory to put his skills to better serve. After two years of service his request to join the flight deck was finally answered and he was given his chance. It turns out he was a natural at the helm and spent the remaining 3 years working the helm of the cruiser, earning the title of Master Helmsman. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last, not content with his current master Walker wanted better things so he and a group of select close friends jumped ship when they got the first opportunity taking a gun-cutter for their troubles and set about finding a foundling Rouge trader where they could make their fortunes from scratch.

Walker Bryn

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