Tag: Noble


  • Lady Du'Landra Melua

    The current matriarch of the Malfian (and therefore primary) branch of the [[Melua Dynasty]] *DAYS OF ADVENTURE* *Quaddis* *Solomon* *HEAD OF THE FAMILY* Lady Melua now sits as the head of the noble household.

  • Magnus T Wolfe

    Character: Proctor M.T Wolfe is deep down a friendly and decent man, but that’s rather deep down indeed. Wolfe is notorious for his bulldog like tenacity and his willingness to do almost anything to get his man. Though he would never break the law …

  • Marcus Saefkheth

    Existence upon [[Malfi]] begins with a life-long commitment to a dangerous game of insight and intrigue with deadly consequences for the first to find themselves outmaneuvered and out played by any number of countless other participants. Each political …