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  • Iocanthos

    *GAZETTE* Iocanthos is a lawless, fuedal-stage world dominated by warlords and their huge armies, which clash across its jungles, forests and plains. The planet's importance in the *Calixis Sector* is defined by the fact that it is one of the few …

  • Malfi

    *GAZETTE* *CULTURE* _In short; the planet's culture exists somewhere between between the Italian Mafia (hence "Malfi") and the Dark Elves / Drow from Forgotten realms._

  • Damaris

    A planet in the [[Koronus Expanse]]. The only habitable planet in a system surrounded by a frozen asteroid field. Though it has only a single major settlement known as simply *Damaris City* the planet does boast significant material resources. …

  • Solomon

    Planet named for its founder: *Solomon Haarlock*, who was the first captain to chart the [[Calixis Sector]] and therefore used this planet as his base of operations. *RECENT EVENTS* The *House of Dust and Ash* which was an estate of the Haarlock …