40k A-Z for Dummies

A is for Adeptus : In the 41st Millenium, you know something is official gets the title “Adeptus” before its name.

B is for Boltgun : A .50 > 1.0 Cal armour piercing gyrojet miniature rocket launcher. The standard equipment for Space Marines, a bit rarer for everyone else since the recoil of the bigger versions can shatter the bones of normal people.

C is for Chaos : The big bad, representing the forces of hell.

D is for Deathwatch : A specialist unit of hand-picked Space Marines trained and equipped to kill Xenos (aliens).

E is for Emperor : The superhuman “ruler” of the humanity. Has been comatose for ten thousand years, so they made him a God instead and a council of important dudes make decisions in his place.

F is for the Fall : Actually the term for TWO events in 40k, the first is the event which caused all of the See Grimdark, the second is the event which signalled the rise of mankind. The previous rulers of the galaxy (the Eldar) caused an event so cataclysmic it practically wiped them out. Leaving humans to pick up the pieces and take over pretty much everything.

G is for Gods of Chaos : of which there are four that exist in the Warp, each to do with the worst human emotions: Rage, Despair, Ambition & Desire. There are other gods (like the Emperor) but they’re not pivotal.

H is for Heresy : A word most PCs should be shouting a lot. ANYTHING not human OR when someone does something that the government or church doesn’t agree with, it’s heresy.

I is for Inquisition : Like the Spanish Inquisition, but in space. Dedicated to finding Heresy and destroying it.

J is for

K is for Kroot : A species of bird-like mercenaries, have a penchant for cannibalism.

L is for Lasgun : Short for Laser Gun, the standard weapon for nearly every human soldier that is not a Space Marine. The hand-held versions are unbelievably crap, yet have immense ammunition capacities. While the larger versions scale up quite effectively, but obviously require more power.

M is for (Adeptus) Mechanicum : A tech religion that worships machines. They believe machines are people too and have souls. HERESY but since they maintain all of the equipment in the Imperium, they get away with it.

N is for Navigator : Three-eyed humans (heresy) with the ability to see in the Warp which makes them useful to the Imperium since they can pilot starships.

O is for Orks : Football hooligans in space… they like fighting.

P is for Psyker : Someone who channels the power of the Warp to create near magical effects. Though since it’s associated with Chaos, bad stuff usually happens.

Q is for

R is for Rogue Trader : Captains of starships who are given carte-blanche to explore beyond the Imperium and bring back what they find. (normally Heresy but Rogue Traders get away with it)

S is for Space Marines (or Adeptus Astartes) : Genetically enhanced super soldiers descended from the Emperor, only a million of them in the whole galaxy divided into “Chapters” of 1000 men.

T is for Tau : Little blue men, very advanced technology though ironically highly ignorant of the universe at large. Like the Covenant from Halo.

U is for Ultramarines : The most “respected” and best known Space Marines… they are blue.

V is for

W is for Warp : The source of Chaos, an alternate dimension where the laws of physics do not apply, therefore used for rapid travel across realspace.

X is for Xenos : The Imperial word for all aliens

Y is for

Z is for Zombies : Yes, there are zombie of varying types. Plague Zombies, Warp Zombies, Fast Zombies & Slow Zombies. There is an entire department of the Inquisition dedicated to investigating and combating them.

40k A-Z for Dummies

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