Haarlock Warrant

Penned in M36.395 by then-Hero / later-Saint Sebastian Thor after the galactic civil war known as the Age of Apostasy.

This particular Warrant of Trader was gifted to captain Mordecai Haarlock in return for his loyalty to the Imperium for maintaining the Jericho Sector during that time of uncertainty and rebellion. Mordecai was regarded as genius of guerrilla warfare and spycraft , known as the Spider Lord, his influence stretched far and wide.

The Warrant was one of the greatest writs of trade of its era, bringing with it great influence and freedom; granting him and his descendents this honour “until the end of all things”

However, it was also seen as a means for Sebastian Thor to dispose of Haarlock as many observers assumed that Mordecai Haarlock would ascend to the governorship of the Jericho Sector at the end of the civil war and become a much more prominent figure in Imperial politics as a potential rival to Thor or an unpredicable variable in a freshly forced council of High Lords

Therefore the warrant became a form of exile, forcing Haarlock to travel outside of the Imperium to search for his power and fame.

In 495.M36 Mordecai Haarlock departed from the Jericho Sector never to return.

The warrant eventually passed to Solomon Haarlock who discovers the Calyx Expanse in 723.M37

Haarlock Warrant

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