The Acolytes

Inquisitor Frost
Inquisitor Marr
Inquisitor Herod (Deceased – Excommunicate)
Inquisitor Sand
Throne Agent Aristarchus (Deceased)
Throne Agent Laurent Strophes
Deathwatch Captain Agamorr
Lady Du’Landra Melua
Throne Acolyte Red – Unknown Soldier

Inquisitor Frost’s ACOLYTE CELL
Christos: Noble Born Assassin
Moloch: Dusk World Moritat Reaper
Magnus Wolfe: Noble Born (Divisio Immoralis) Arbitrator
Dekko Varn: Hive World Scum
0.38: Forge World Tech Priest (Mechanicum Secutor)
Marcus Saefkheth: Malfian Noble Adept (Legate Interrogator)
Sirona Bridge: Sinophian Cleric-Confessor
No-Name Yet: Forge World (Venatorii) Tech-Guardsman
Kayla: Void Born Sanctioned Psyker (Psychic Templar)

Inquisitor Sand’s ACOLYTE CELL
Aramis: Forge World Adept/Interrogator (Scholar)
Isis: Hive World Moritat Reaper
Regia: Schola-Trained Battle-Sister
Synagogue: Schola-Trained Sororitas

Location: Sector Capital Scintilla
Mission: Investigate illegal experimentation on hive citizens using heretical bio-technology.
Outcome: Partial Success: Experimental laboratory located and destroyed, although the perpetrator (a deviant tech-priest – The Chirurgeon) escaped.

Location: Mining World Sepheris Secundus
Mission: Cleanse a quarantined mine of chaos taint.
Outcome: Success: Source of taint found to be a daemon-possessed artifact which was destroyed.
Entire Acolyte cell missing in action.

Location: Colony Planet Quaddis
Mission: Escape custody of Beast House slavers, investigate Chaos Cult involvement in the Haarlock Estate (former custodians of the planet)
Outcome: Success: Chaos cult was attempting to gain control over an ancient creature bound to the Haarlock dynasty, which itself was attempting to destroy the planet using the power of a mysterious black star. Both the cult and the creature were thwarted.
Acolyte cell recovered, although Aramis and 0.2 suffered critical injuries. Aramis recovered fully, although 0.2 required a complete cybernetic restructure. Petitioned the Mechanicum to upgrade him to Secutor 0.3.

Location: Feral World Iocanthos
Mission: Assist Throne Agent Aristarchusduring the consecration of an Imperial Cathedral
Outcome: Failure: Aristarchu was compromised with xeno technology, the consecration was interrupted by a daemonic summoning. Though the daemon was defeated, the cathedral was deemed irrecoverable. and storm-trooper squads deployed to quarantine the and investigate the area.

Location: Sector Capital Scintilla
Mission: Investigate source of xeno technology that corrupted Aristarchus, possible link to Imperial sub-cult Joyous Choir. Clandestine Investigation was required with assistance from Throne Agent Strophes.
Outcome: Success: Source of technology found to be non-Imperial human, not xenos. Local Joyous Choir branch was found to be a front for black market smuggling ring and heretical drug manufacturing operation for an unknown third party.
Christos suffered critical destruction of left leg, bionic replacement was implanted at short notice.
Unacceptable friendly-fire damage was committed to local base of operations.

Location: Solomon; The House of Dust and Ash
Mission: Attend an Auction of the remaining items of Erasmus Haarlock, the last known holder of the Haarlock Warrant. Identify possible threats/major players surrounding the dynasty and their motivations.
Outcome: Muted-Success. The auction itself was an elaborate trap used to draw out and destroy any remaining members of the Haarlock bloodline as well as its enemies. Many major figures were at the auction, either attempting to obtain particular items of note, or were investigating the remains of the Haarlock bloodline for themselves. The House of Dust and Ash was consumed by a volcanic eruption, but the Acolytes escaped.
Erasmus Haarlock is revealed to be alive and prophecised to return.
Christos was revealed to be an unwitting member of the Haarlock bloodline and so is the probable target for both Erasmus and his enemies in future. Other identifiable opponents of future note were revealed to be an unknown Xenos group.

Location: Scintilla System; Space Hulk Twilight
Mission: Infiltrate the Space Hulk before the Imperial Navy destroys it, to investigate the disappearance of Inquisitor Adorjin as well as to reclaim her lost relics.
Outcome: Success. Despite interference by elements of the Dark Eldar, the body of the lost Inquisitor and her relics were recovered.Much of the group suffered critical injury, suffering near loss of life and limb. The cell was rewarded however with knowledge of the existence of the Grey Knights chapter and the mission of the Ordo Malleus, arming them against the daemonic in future.

Location: Sinophia Magna, Sinophia
Mission: Investigate and halt a series of high-profile murders taking place amongst the ruling elite of the planet. Inquisitorial Discretion was permitted.
Outcome: Success. Motivation for murders was found to be related to fragments of two daemon-bound mirrors belonging to Erasmus Haarlock, the perpetrator being the Arbites-Marshall of the planet. Mirror was indestructable, but left buried beneath the former Arbites headquarters.The planet erupted into Civil War for a short period of time, following the death of the planetary governor and the local Enforcer General as well as ranking members of the criminal underworld. Members of the underworld were “recruited” to action by the Acolytes during the civil insurgence. The Acolytes also encountered another cell, which was well informed and equipped, who answered to an unknown authority of high influence.

Location: The Hallows, Sepheris Secundus
Mission: To root out and remove the leader of a mutant miner rebellion; Asod Morirr, presumed dead fourteen years prior. Voluntary assistance was taken from Heretic Baron Ulbrexis, former associate of Morirr, kept in secret Inquisitorial Custody for the same period.
Outcome: Success. Morirr was engaged in a series of ritual bombings to weaken the barrier between warpspace and reality for the glory of the Dark Gods. He revealed himself after the mutual exposure of Baron Ulbrexis, who; due to a dark pact was the only individual who could kill him.Following mission success, Baron Ulbrexis was executed personally by Inquisitor Frost as a heretic and renegade, regardless of his meanings and intents. Also, Morirr’s second-in-command Throgel was captured and detained by the Inquisition for further interrogation.

Location: Mara; Forbidden World
Mission: Haarlock’s greatest secret has been uncovered, race to Mara ahead of possible rivals and eliminate the threat of Erasmus Haarlock once and for all.
Outcome: Success. Erasmus Haarlock’s greatest legacy was a time distortion device known as the Blind Tesseract. Though this device itself could not be destroyed, Haarlock’s return point was destroyed, preventing his return to the present.The team was stranded on Dusk after travelling through the time-streams in blind tesseract.

2 Years have passed – The acolytes have been forgotten, the Haarlock Legacy has passed to House Melua, forming the Melua Dynasty

Location: Dusk
Mission: None – This operation was led by Inquisitor Sand.
Outcome: The acolyte cell has been recovered by Inquisitor Sand and the crew of the Rogue Trader vessel Iron Rose. However, the vessel of Erasmus Haarlock: the Spear of Destiny was encountered in Orbit with no living crew members on board and the bridge was found to be impenetrable, which then fired on the Iron Rose causing it to retreat. Inquisitor Herrod was declared Excommunicate and executed by Sand for the theft and use of heretical artefacts from Inquisitorial custody.

Location: Sector Capital Scintilla
Mission: To detain / execute Balagor Thrung, a noble charged with Heresy
Outcome: Success, Balagor Thrung was found in possession of a hoard of heretical artefacts, including a daemonic “Hand” which has come from an unknown source, investigations have directed the cell to the Gilded Cathedral on Barsapine, home of the mysterious artefact: the Black Sepulchre, where further investigation pointed to a second “Haematite” Cathedral as the origin point of the daemonic hand, referred to as the Dei Phage..

Location: BarsapineHaematite Cathedral
Mission: Uncover the origins of the daemonic hand.
Outcome: Success: The cathedral appeared deserted, but was discovered to once have been the home of the Hekate noble family. Who remained in the cathedral in spirit-form, cursed by the similarily bound Dei Phage to await its freedom. The cathedral itself was revealed to have been a lost Imperator Class Titan: Pax Macharius. Upon activation the daemon bound to its core was freed, and the titan’s residual machine spirit had standing instructions to approach and destroy the Gilded Cathedral; allowing the indestructable artefact: The Black Sepulchre to convey it’s secret message: The Dei Phage was originally summoned by none other than the Arch Cardinal of the entire Calixis Sector. The creature itself was banished to the warp after attacking it with the Titan’s weaponry.
Additional notes: The Hekate Noble family was also discovered to have been the Zanatov Rogue Trader dynasty, operating on the planet under Inquisitorial instruction to investigate a rising daemon cult and eventually bind the daemon. Also, the hugely influential and expensive Gilded Cathedral and most of the surrounding city on Barsapine has been obliterated by the last acts of the Pax Macharius.

Location: Sector Capital ScintillaThe Cathedral of Illumination
Mission: To infiltrate the cathedral and uncover evidence of Arch Cardinal Ignato’s apostasy.
Outcome: Roundabout Success: The arch cardinal was found to have been an impostor inserted by a secretive group called the Maledictor’s Hand, working to inspire the sector’s population to rise in a bloody purge of those who have sinned against the church. This was to be enacted by the distribution of forgeries of the words of Saint Drusus, asking the reader to rise in violence against any who would oppose the ecclesiarchy. The impostor cardinal was confronted and subdued, but managed to wipe his own mind before interrogation. However, the true (and deranged) cardinal Ignato escaped by crashing through the roof of the cathedral using warp power and fled.
Additional notes: during a sojourn to the underhives of gunmetal city, the acolytes influenced the end of a gang war. However, evidence came to light that one of the gangs had been experimented upon biomechanically, potentially by the wanted heretic: The Chirurgeon".

Location: Stonegarden – Tomb World
Mission: To pursue and stop the True Arch-Cardinal Ignato.
Outcome: Failure: The arch cardinal had gained access to the tomb of Saint Drusus and had begun a warp ritual. The acolytes faced a number of challenged posed by the tomb itself to enter to sarcophagus chamber and interrupt the ritual and defeat the warp enhanced Ignato.However, the acolytes were too late to prevent the body of Saint Drusus being stolen, and found evidence that the Dei-Phage had been summoned to possess the body.

The Acolytes

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