Melua Dynasty

Lady Du’Landra Melua
Inquisitor Sand

CREW MEMBERS (Approximate Ranking)
Lady Captain – Esailla Josette Melua – Rogue Trader / Privateer

Tier 2 Commanders:
First Officer – Alessio de Mercetti-Melua – Seneschal
High Factotum – No-Name yet – Seneschal
Enginseer Prime – Heinrick Deth – Explorator

Tier 3 (Lieutenants):
Master-at-Arms – ?
Master Helmsman – Walker Bryn – Void Master / Cold Trader
Master of Whispers – ?
Choir-Mistress Telepathica – Eris Day – Astropath Transcendant
Master of Ordnance – ?
Master of Etherics – Layla – Footfallen Void Master
Chief Chirurgeon – Theodore Malakai – Explorator
Warp Guide – White – Navigator

Tier 4 (Midshipman):
Confessor – Genevie – Drusian Missionary
Drivesmaster – ?
Omnissianic Congregator – ?
Chief Bosun – Commissar Lucius Baines – Arch Militant
Infernus Master – ?
Twistcatcher – Gunn – Arch-Militant
Master of the Vox – ?
Purser – ?
Carto-Artifex – Hadden – Navigator (Witness of Dusk)
Ship’s Steward – ?

Unassigned/NPC Rankings
Tier 5 (Warrant Officers)
Tier 6 (Ratings)

Iron Rose – Modified Dauntless Class Cruiser
Magnanimous Thief


Mission: The recovery of the Emperor’s Bounty; another dauntless light cruiser thought lost to the void.
Events: Ship was found to be left derelict to madness infected Navigator, who turned the crew into mindless puppets. This warp effect was cancelled by raising the gellar fields
Profit Turnover: 10 Points. Gained from successful salvage operation and enlisting stranded survivors of stricken vessel, points deducted for loss of shuttlecraft entering debris field, losing specialist teams.

Mission: After being contacted by an old ally of your house, the ship raced to recover of a treasure trove lost following the Drusus Crusade.
Events: After nearly losing a psychic imprint of the location due to interference by another Rogue Trader: [name forgotten -edit] the crew raced to a system once home to an advanced civilization. En-route the crew assisted a pilgrim vessel stricken by pirates. The pirates were apprehended and dispatched to the Arbites o nthe next world. After encountering scavenging orks, the location of the treasure was determined to be crashed in the asteroid belt of the system. A space battle ensued with the rival rogue trader, whose ship was badly damaged.
Profit Turnover: 8 Points – in addition, an “arrangement” was reached with the offending rogue trader to render unspecified assistance in the future.

Total Profit: 38

Mission: Inquisitorial Request to rendevous upon Malfi
Events: Crew was requested by Inquisitor Sand to relay himself and his acolytes to Dusk for unknown reasons. Upon arriving in system; the ancient Haarlock vessel: Spear of Destiny was encountered adrift in orbit with no living crew on board. The vessel’s automated systems activated in response to Esailla’s claim to the vessel as part of the Haarlock warrant. The ship attempted to kill the Rogue Trader and attack the Iron Rose, which escaped.
Upon the surface of Dusk, survivors of a previous Inquisitorial mission were discovered alive. Though were in conflict with one another. Acolytes associated with Sand surrendered themselves whilst Inquisitor Herrod unleashed an ancient servant of the Haarlock family upon the Rogue Trader.
Profit Turnover: None, this was performed at the expense of the Rogue Trader.
Rogue Trader Esailla was attacked and critically injured by the creature, requiring a replacement arm.

Total Profit: 38

Dynasty bought a free trader charter at great expense Total profit: 10

Mission: Respond to a distress call from the planet Damaris, which is under Ork attack.
Events: Crew battled for three weeks, losing much of the minor infrastructure of the capital city while the major sites remained intact. However, there was no end in sight as the Orks appeared numberless. A reprieve was granted when the mysterious Eldar appeared and granted co-ordinates to the Ork base hidden in the system’s asteroid field. Orks were found to be in league with the forces of Chaos, who fled after enough damage was sustained. The Ork Warboss was slain and the attacks on Damaris were brought to a halt.
Note: the crew also encountered the ghost vessel Whisper of Anaris which dealt incredible damage to the Ork facility and chased off the Chaos raiders.
Profit Turnover: -4 due to expenditure during mission. 6 points

Total Profit: 12

*Mission: * Trace the source of the Orks on Damaris

Events: Followed evidence back to Chorda’s Folly, a dead planet completely stripped of life except for one marooned pirate: Drexus Skar, who convinced the group to attempt to rob the Faceless Lord: Karrad Vall’s hidden vaults in the Dioskouri system.

The robbery was successful, though the Iron Rose’s cogitator was damaged beyond immediate repair, forcing a convenient replacement cogitator taken from the stolen vault.

Profit Turnover: 10 minus one for disastrous consequences for tampering with Inquisition property after escaping the Dioskouri system, the crew will be permanently shaken by this event. 9 points

Total Profit: 21 points

ALSO co-ordinates were found leading to an uncharted & uninhabited star system containing several life sustaining planets, so far the system has been marked as the property of the Melua dynasty, though investment will be required to exploit the system.

Melua Dynasty

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