A planet in the Koronus Expanse. The only habitable planet in a system surrounded by a frozen asteroid field.

Though it has only a single major settlement known as simply Damaris City the planet does boast significant material resources.

However the planet itself does not hold any meaningful strategic value and is isolated from the Imperium at large.

Though it exists in the Koronus Expanse and not within Imperial territory, the population does venerate the God-Emperor and the government follows standard Imperial model. Ruled by a standard planetary governor assisted by a council of Adepts of varying faction.

The planet has its own planetary defense force – The Highland Levy – and even has a sizeable contingent of Skitarii made available by the presence of the Adeptus Mechanicum.

Due to its isolation from the Imperium, imports / export are largely managed by Rogue Traders rather than by regular trade convoys.

The Melua Dynasty answered a distress call from Damaris, which was under imminent attack from an Ork Waaagh.


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