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The plot thus far:
The Acolytes – Servants of Inquisitor Frost; have a reputation for getting the job done using colourful interpretation of orders.

Melua Dynasty – Rogue Traders and inheritors of the Haarlock Warrant after Frost’s acolytes completed the Haarlock Affair

Deathwatch Kill-Team – Only connected with the above groups through circumstance.

For all outsiders to the group, the articles presented here are all written from the perspective of the PLAYER CHARACTERS and the events that they took part in.
While many of the NPC characters and plotlines will be drawn from material published by Fantasy Flight Games; the interactions, sub-plots, details and character motivations will be unique to this group and will occasionally differ markedly from what can be found in print.

Therefore this wiki does not attempt to establish or represent the entire 40k canon, merely the view of the campaign setting interpreted by the players

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