The Widower

The creature known as The Widower was a peculiar, seemingly indestructible construct, neither daemon nor xeno. But its fate was tied to the Haarlock Warrant through some uncertain means.

The only thing that can be acertained from its motives however is that it desperately wished to be free from the bindings placed upon it by the Haarlocks. Even going so far as to attempt to destroy the planet Quaddis using the Tyrant Star as a means to release itself.

Certainly possessed of a certain level of intelligence as it could plot and scheme, selecting its murder victims seemingly at random at first until it became apparent that it was targetting those related to the Haarlock legacy by bloodline, no matter how distant.

However, it could not be bargained or even communicated with. While it did seem to speak the Low Gothic language, it did so only in unintellegible gibberish.

Powers & Abilities
The body of Widower appeared to have a wax-like consistency which it had an impressive control over, therefore allowing it to change its shape & appearance.

At the basic level, it could alter its form to squeeze through tiny gaps and enclosed spaces, allowing it to strike from almost anywhere and disappear into apparently thin air. This only added to the legend of the creature, implying that no-where was safe once you became its target.

At a more advanced level it could even alter its body to imitate the appearance of another person.
However, due to the limitations imposed by the creature’s supposed intelligence it could not communicate intellegibly in this form, nor did the creature seem to realise that the appearance of the form it took caused it to obviously stick out. Even copying the ripped clothing and grievous injuries of the victim it was intending to imitate.

The widower was also practically immune to all forms of injury, since it could quickly reform its body after taking damage.
It was only destroyed after taking massive and sustained damage in a short space of time.

The Widower

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